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The Wagsters Magic Theatre

See a Show Like You’ve Never Imagined

In June 2022, The Wagsters Magic Theatre opened its doors, becoming Williamsburg’s one and only magic show. This dynamic live show delivers Vegas-caliber entertainment including spectacular illusions, daring escapes, heartfelt stories and much more.

“The goal of the show is to invite the audience to escape reality for a little while; to come inside our four walls and shut off their minds,” says Brandon Wagster. “We give adults permission to be kids for a while.”

wagster theaterOwning his own theatre has been a dream of Brandon’s since he was a young boy, when he would put on performances in his garage. Hannah, co-owner of The Wagsters Magic Theatre, shares her husband’s passion for entertaining others. The pair both grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and have spent more than a decade performing together. In 2020 the Wagsters received the prestigious Merlin Award, the magic industry’s equivalent to an Oscar Award, from the International Magicians Society for “Best Theatrical Magic Production.”

When opportunity knocked in Williamsburg, the Wagsters made the move and opened a theatre of their own. The Wagsters’ show is unlike any other magic show you have seen or might be imagining. With its state-of-the-art technology and colorful costumes, it is sure to mesmerize people of all ages. The premier venue, with just 63 seats, provides an intimate atmosphere allowing the Wagsters to closely interact with audience members both during and after the show, when they stay around to talk with the audience. Not surprisingly, the Wagsters have “superfans,” as they refer to their loyal followers. “Another goal of the show is that people come back,” says Brandon. “It’s not so much about magic but building a relationship with fans.”

The Wagsters are dedicated to bringing the audience an engaging, exciting experience that they will not forget. The show is updated each year, including upgrading its technical equipment, with new magic illusions and entertainment in effort to enhance the experience for attendees. And due to it being a live show with a new audience each time, the show will always be different. “It’s never the same show twice,” admits Hannah.

Shows run year-round, including a “Christmas Spectacular” during the holidays, and can be enjoyed whether rain or shine. Due to the popularity of the shows and limited seating, buy your tickets in advance and come be WOW’ed by the wonders of the Wagsters!

Editor’s Note: The majority of the shows sell out, so please be sure to book your tickets as soon as possible.

Wanna Go?
877-WAGSTER (924-7837)
5535 Olde Towne Road