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Colonial Williamsburg spring

Spring Activities at Colonial Williamsburg

Here are some of the spring activities you can take part in when you visit Colonial Williamsburg.

Experience Spring at Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is an authentic living history museum that offers plenty to do for all ages and interests. The massive Historic Area is free to explore, but you can experience even more when you purchase a ticket to Colonial Williamsburg. Spring ushers in new activities and attractions throughout Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area.

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Spring Activities at Colonial Williamsburg

Here are some of the spring activities you can take part in when you visit Colonial Williamsburg.

Women’s History Month

Colonial Williamsburg celebrates Women’s History Month in March with special programming that pays tribute to the lives and relationship of colonial women. Hear from a panel of experts that examine the roles women played during the colonial period and in the Revolutionary War. Take a tour of the opulent home of Peyton and Elizabeth Randolph and learn about the relationship between gentry women and the enslaved maidservants. These are just a few of the programs available during Women’s History Month at Colonial Williamsburg.

American Indian Delegation

Beginning March 15, discover the role Native Americans played in 18th-century Virginia. The Native delegations came to Williamsburg in the 18th century to discuss trade, warfare and diplomacy. Learn about these diverse cultures of Native people and how they preserved and adapted to their way of life.

Shoulder Your Firelocks!

Discover what it was like as an 18th-century soldier during the Revolutionary War. Guests are invited to step into the shoes of soldiers and train using the manual of arms and marching drill of the time. Once training is complete, they will engage in a mock battle. Shoulder Your Firelocks! begins March 15. The program is open to guests age 9 and up.

Drop Spindle Spinning Class

Visit Colonial Williamsburg starting March 16 for a wool-spinning class for beginners. This hands-on workshop will give you the proper supplies and teach you how to spin your own yarn. You’ll receive your own drop spindle, modeled after a 1770 antique, and wool from Colonial Williamsburg’s own Longwool sheep.

Weaving Workshop

Try your hand at weaving during Colonial Williamsburg’s two-hour workshop. Starting March 17, all skill levels will get to learn the history of weaving then weave a towel on a pre-warped modern loom. All of the necessary supplies will be supplied through the workshop.

Level and Plumb

Let the kids get a little dirty as they learn how bricks and mortar are made at the Colonial Williamsburg Brickyard. They’ll work with period tools and learn basic masonry skills. Level and Plumb begins June 1.


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