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senior on scooter on vacation in williamsburg va

Seniors With Mobility Issues Can Enjoy a Vacation in Greater Williamsburg

Are you a senior with mobility issues visiting Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown and surrounding areas?

By Eileen Sperry and Chris Murphy

Greater Williamsburg, Virginia is a popular tourist destination for people of all ages, but it can be especially enjoyable for seniors with mobility issues. With its rich history, charming colonial atmosphere, and abundance of accessible attractions, Williamsburg offers something for everyone. We have put together a list of area attractions from Yorktown, Jamestown to Williamsburg and more — for the whole family to enjoy!

Here are a few of the many accessible attractions in the Greater Williamsburg area:

American Revolution Museum: Located in Yorktown, the 22,000-square-foot permanent exhibition galleries engage visitors in the tumult, drama and promise of the Revolution through nearly 500 period artifacts and immersive environments, interactive exhibits and short films, including an experiential theater that transports visitors to the Siege of Yorktown. Fully accessible with a mobility scooter.

Yorktown Battlefield: Remain in your vehicle and take a driving tour viewing the final battle site of the American Revolutionary War. Is fully wheelchair accessible.

Colonial Williamsburg: The world’s largest living history museum, Colonial Williamsburg is fully wheelchair accessible. Visitors can tour the historic town on their own or take a guided tour in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: This amusement park has a number of accessible rides and attractions, and is fully accessible with a mobility scooter.

Williamsburg Botanical Garden: This beautiful garden has a number of accessible paths and walkways.

Wagsters Magic Theatre: fully accessible with an amazing show, but please order your tickets now – they sell out!

Farmers Markets in Williamsburg: Outdoors but fully accessible.

Jamestown Settlement: This living history museum tells the story of the first permanent English settlement in America and is wheelchair accessible.

Ferry Ride to Surry: is free and quite fun and fully accessible. There is a great restaurant across the way called Surry Seafood. Bacon’s Castle will be mobility scooter friendly but the layout of the house may be a problem for scooters, best to call ahead. Smith’s Fort might be a better option as it also has a manor house with limited mobility scooter access.

New Kent Winery, Windchaser Meadery, Silver Hand Meadery, 8 shires distillery and Copper Fox Distillery: are all mobility scooter accessible.

Mariners Museum: in Newport News is mobility scooter accessible.

Some of the plantations are a bit tricky and we would give them a 50% accessibility for mobility scooters. It’s a bit challenging when the home was built 200+ years ago but they are quite accustomed to senior travelers; again it is always best to call ahead.

We hope you enjoy your stay in the Great Williamsburg area!