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ron's best breakfast

Ron’s Best Breakfasts in Williamsburg

I love pancakes and pancake houses. Fortunately for all of us, Williamsburg may be the per capita paradise of pancake perfection.

By Ron Kirkland

This year I thought I would share a few favorites with my people, the people of planet pancake!

Capitol Pancake House  
When we talk politics we start with Washington D.C., our nation’s capital. Likewise, we can’t really talk pancakes unless we start at the Capitol, pancake house that is. It took both Frances AND Kelly to bring out the breakfast sampler complete with three meats, three eggs, breakfast potatoes and by special request a colossal stack of five plate-sized perfectly cooked pancakes that required almost an entire jug of maple syrup to do it justice. Brothers Chris and Dean own the Capitol and suggested I try a mimosa. I’ve eaten here at least 100 times over the years. I had yet to try a mimosa; they say people really like them. So I figure, if these mimosas are that good, I should try two. Little did I know that they were coming to me in a fist-sized goblet that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table would have envied.  Pro-TIP: Take a designated driver if you plan on having two mimosas. That’s a lot of champagne!

Capitol Pancake

Mama Steve’s
Mark and Leslie own the place now and their family has been serving Williamsburg since 1956 and that same family has been flipping pancakes for over 50 years. I don’t have to go out too far on a limb to say that the pancakes are good. REALLY good. Heck just look at the size of that trophy! I opted to add an omelet, grits, and biscuits with chipped beef gravy to go with my pancakes, strawberries, and whipped cream. It was all fantastic. But let’s talk gravy for a second. On my mom’s side there is a looooong line of little gray haired country grandmas that are LEGENDS in the gravy game. If forced to do so, I will judge you, your family and your restaurant based solely on your gravy. I consumed a lot of stuff on a shingle when I was in the army. So chipped beef gravy and I are no longer friends. But I thought I’d give it a shot and really put Mama Steve’s to the test. I ate it all and considered licking the plate until Eileen saved me from embarrassing myself and pulled the plate. The gravy was legit and so is Mama Steve’s. Jennie, Mildred, and Wanda would approve! (that’s my Great Grandma, Grandma, and Mom)

Mama Steve’s

Southern Pancake and Waffle House 
This news is hot off the wire. Southern Pancake and Waffle House has succulent Chicken and Waffles. They had been telling me that I needed to try Chicken and Waffles for a while. I like Fried Chicken. I like Waffles. So why hadn’t I done this long ago? As I found myself staring at the menu trying to decide on Boneless Chicken Tenders or Chicken Wings. Proprietor Corey said, “How about both.” Obviously, Corey really gets me so he’s my new best friend now. Dipping that made from scratch Fried Chicken Wing in a golden yolk from the sunny side up egg and washing it down with a bite of waffle, butter, and syrup is a sweet and savory delight that should be enjoyed often. Much more often if I can help it!

Southern Pancake & Waffle House

Colonial Pancake House 
Somehow I was fortunate enough to marry a woman that loves breakfast. In an ironic twist of fate it turns out she doesn’t love the All-American pancake. For her it’s French toast. Probably something I should have asked about up front. That said, when I take her out for breakfast, I am forced to surrender, much like her toast’s namesake, and we invade her favorite spot for French toast where she proceeds to conquer the entire platter.  I don’t know what special combination of ingredients George the keeper of the secrets uses, but darn if that isn’t some delicious toast. Even if it is French. The fresh fruit yogurt parfait and Nitro coffee hit the spot too!

ron's best breakfast
Colonial Pancake

Staff Pick: Another Broken Egg
After a long morning of chauffeuring Ron around to Williamsburg’s pancake houses – Another Broken Egg’s menu of specialty brunch cocktails is everything we could have hoped for. A newcomer to the Williamsburg pancake scene, Another Broken Egg’s rotating menu of chef inspired deliciousness comes from Chef Jason Knoll – formerly of Ruth’s Chris and Trader Vic’s. The ‘staff’ recommends the lemon blueberry mimosa and crab cake benedict, but the ‘staff’ would also eat and drink this entire menu!

Another Broken Egg

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