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The Virginia Diner

The Virginia Diner is the perfect day trip for the world’s best peanuts and a hearty home-cooked meal. Take a cruise on the Jamestown-Scottland ferry departing from Williamsburg, then a short country drive will have you at the doorstep of the legendary restaurant.

The Diner has been a refuge for folks who like down-home cooking ever since Mrs. D’Earcy Davis served hot biscuits and her flavorful fried chicken to hungry customers way back in 1929 (the same recipe which is still used today!). In those days the little Diner was a refurbished railroad car, but as business grew, so did the restaurant with multiple dining rooms added on to accommodate a growing list of satisfied customers.

the virginia diner

This iconic Virgnia landmark has been featured in several movies as well as Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives with their down-home cooking. The menu still has long-time favorites such as Brunswick Stew and Carrot Soufflé as well as new entrees like the Bacon Mac Attack burger and Nat’s Country Ham Steak Dinner. Enjoy your meal with a cold beer or a glass of wine and remember to leave room for dessert!

Before you head out, stock up your pantry from the gift shop with Super Extra Large Salted Virginia Peanuts that have a crunch and flavor unlike any other, or customer favorites like Butter Toasted Virginia Peanuts. See for yourself why the Virginia Diner is ‘simply legendary’.

Can’t make it over on this visit to the area? Virginia Diner’s nuts and snacks are available to order on 888-823-4637 and they ship anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

For more information about Virginia Diner restaurant, visit or call 757-899-3106.

bacon egg burger