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Live Life Adventurously

Are you ready to get back to nature this year? How about we add some adrenaline and beautiful views for even more excitement? Go Ape Zipline & Adventure Park, located in Freedom Park in Williamsburg, has been providing guests with that combination for over 10 years! Go Ape offers a variety of activities including the Treetop Adventure and Treetop Journey zipline and ropes courses, Outdoor Axe Throwing, a Forest EscAPE game and even a haunted Frights at Height experience for those visiting in the fall.

The instructors at Go Ape are trained to provide guests with the confidence to step outside their comfort zone. For most, that includes participation in the Treetop Adventure, which is a 2-3 hour self-guided tour through the tree canopy at Freedom Park. Navigate wobbly bridges, tricky crossings and a massive Tarzan swing that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs (a happy, joyful scream). Each loop of obstacles ends with an epic zipline, the longest of which is 600 feet!

For aerial adventure beginners, give the Treetop Journey a try! This is the perfect introductory high-ropes course, focused on getting you off the ground and into the trees. With over 20 obstacles and exciting ziplines, you’ll get a unique perspective of the natural environment. This is a great option for kids and families!

Want to engage your senses even further? Check out their Nights at Height, a fully immersive adventure that takes place after sunset. Go Ape lights up the Treetop Journey course with fun glow in the dark events on select evenings throughout the year. In September and October, ghouls, zombies, and ghosts can be found lurking amongst the trees. Frights at Height brings terror to a new level in this uniquely scary experience.

Maybe heights (or frights) aren’t your thing, or you have some stress you want to relieve. Go Ape has an outdoor Axe Throwing range where you can chuck some hatchets! Compete with your friends and find great satisfaction when sticking your axe in the target. Technique is more important than strength, and once you hit the bullseye you may scream with excitement even more than while riding on a zipline.

Go Ape also recently launched a twist on the standard escape room game. Why should we let walls confine our adventures? Participate in Forest EscAPE, an interactive and unique outdoor experience for families, friends, and co-workers. Pick your teammates carefully because each session is private, and it’s up to your group to conquer all the forest contains.

With so many adventurous options to choose, a visit to Go Ape is sure to leave you smiling, laughing, and sharing amazing memories in a beautiful natural environment.

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