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Williamsburg Winery

Our 300 acre farm, known as Wessex Hundred, is home to The Williamsburg Winery. The use of “Hundred” to name a property dates to the Colonial era and describes parcels of land sufficient to support a hundred families regardless of actual acreage.

Across an expanse of gently rolling hills, on the southern side of Williamsburg proper – a plot filled with history, a place of quiet surroundings. The home of the Williamsburg Winery. With its first wine released to critical acclaim in 1988, the Winery began a tradition of fine winemaking that lives on today. Inspired by Europe’s finest estates, the Winery is presided over by two generations of the Duffeler family – united by a single goal: to make wines with great character.
Blending a winemaker’s passion for allowing varietals to express themselves in each vintage with the art of gracious hospitality, the Winery celebrates the best of food and wine. Here, we share our enjoyment of wines, our stewardship of the land, our love of family and friends. You are invited to join us in our tasting room, our restaurants, our inn and our lives. Come to see the many ways we’ve earned our place on the world wine map.

Dinning at The Winery

From our bountiful on-site garden to our relationships with some of Virginia's finest food producers, Wessex Hundred offers a true farm-to-farm dining experience.  It is our mission to celebrate the flavors that define Coastal Virginia while simultaneously showcasing the world-class bounty from throughout the entire Commonwealth.  Your unforgettable culinary adventure awaits at Wessex Hundred. The Gabriel Archer Tavern is nestled among the vineyards with a beautiful countryside view. Savor a glass of wine and a delicious cheese and meat platter featuring an assortment of local ingredients served with a French baguette, lingonberry preserves and cornichon, or one of our handcrafted sandwiches served with a mixed green salad. Escape to the farm at Wessex Hundred and enjoy the culinary craftsmanship of our culinary team as their preparations delight your senses and complement the wines that Kevin Zraly considers to be ‘some of the best wines in the world.’ Locally-sourced fish and vegetables ensure that your meal will be fresh and flavorful. Local wines are also featured, together with an extensive list of choices from around the world.

Lodging at The Winery

Featuring twenty-eight uniquely designed rooms and suites, each with wood-burning fire places.

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