Mama Steve's House of Pancakes
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Mama Steve's House of Pancakes

Over 3 Generations - Since 1956 the family owned and operated Jefferson Restaurant has been serving mouthwatering specialties such as our very own Virginia Peanut Soup, steaks, seafood, southern favorites, and Italian dishes served in an English Country setting. Guaranteed to bring great memories for all. 

In 1968 when the restaurant was opened it was owned by John Baganakis, Owner/Manager and by Steve and Chrysa Sacalis, husband and wife.  John chose the name “MAMA STEVE’S House of Pancakes” to honor Mrs. Sacalis, and perhaps for the attention that a catchy name might get.  At that time the Sacalises, first generation Greeks, were seventy-nine and eighty years old and John, second generation Greek, was only twenty-seven years old. Steve and Chrysa operated their own successful restaurant so they never worked at “MAMA STEVE’S House of Pancakes”.  Their daughter, Betsy Sacalis and Julie Wright, John’s sister were hostesses at “MAMA STEVE’S House of Pancakes” for a short time when the restaurant first opened. 

In the beginning they served breakfast, lunch and dinner but in 1969, they began serving only breakfast and lunch with hours from 7:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m.  ”MAMA STEVE’S House of Pancakes” has always been successful, and for many years there were diners lined up around the building from opening till closing. 

Maybe, that’s why there are so many pancake houses in Williamsburg.  After the Sacalises died in ’82 and ’83 John purchased their interest.  He became sole proprietary until his death in 2001.  Today, Leslie Wright, John’s niece is the manager and owns “MAMA STEVE’S” with her brother Mark Wright.  Over the year “MAMA STEVE’S” has always been a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  We hope you enjoyed being here and will return soon.