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Where America’s history comes to life

Step back in time to the dawn of America. A trip to Colonial Williamsburg will give visitors an up-close look at 18th century Virginia—right as our country is being born. Hear the stories of the men, women and children whose ideas and values crafted the world we live in today. Sing, dance and eat with the people who helped establish America.

Fully immerse yourself in 18th century Williamsburg as you walk down Duke of Gloucester Street. Listen to the stories of the daily lives, dreams and accomplishments of both free and enslaved people.

Visit the elegant home of attorney George Wythe, a man who was Thomas Jefferson’s teacher. Engage in discussion about the beliefs that shaped the Revolution.

See the contrast between freedom and slavery at the Peyton Randolph House. Learn about the early African American experience and how enslaved people eventually found their own roads to freedom.

Watch as blacksmiths create weapons and hardware to supply the armies during the Revolutionary War. Everyday men and women helped create tools, in the Public Armoury, with red-hot iron from the fires. Then, visit the ax-throwing range or musket range to test your skills.

A Hands-On Approach to History
An admission ticket to Colonial Williamsburg includes over 20 guided and self-guided tours around Revolution City. The tours offer an inside look at the homes of Williamsburg’s residents during the 18th century. Help with daily household chores and, when you finish, play the same games that colonial children enjoyed.

Dress the part with a rental from the Visitor Center or an outdoor booth in Market Square. The whole family will love getting into character with an 18th-century costume, made locally by Colonial Williamsburg staff. Then march with the Fifes and Drums of Colonial Williamsburg as an enlisted member of the militia.

Shop like a colonist and purchase everything from souvenirs and books, to home furnishings and handmade 18th-century jewelry. Colonial Williamsburg historic tradespeople at the Golden Ball can design a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, including traditionally-made accessories from the silversmiths next door. Or purchase fresh fruits, vegetables and breads from the Market House, an open-air market in the center of the historic area.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, enjoy a historically-inspired meal using only the freshest ingredients. Visit one of the historic eateries like Chowning’s Tavern, an 18th-century ale house, or Christiana Campbell’s Tavern, George Washington’s favorite place for seafood. Dine on locally-sourced meals while listening in on town gossip or political conversation as it was in the times of the founders.

Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg
The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg invites guests to view expansive collections at the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum and the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum, all in one building! Celebrate six decades of folk art and pay tribute to Mrs. Rockefeller’s collection of over 400 pieces at the America’s Folk Art exhibit.

Walk in through the Public Hospital of 1773 and explore the exhibits on mental illness treatment during that century. The DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum is home to some of the world’s largest collections of British ceramics and southern furniture. The Painted Fashions exhibit features over 75 gowns, quilts, men’s waistcoats and more with printed designs from floral bouquets to patriotic heroes.

The fun doesn’t stop once the sun goes down. Music, dancing, ghost walks and live performances abound during an evening in Colonial Williamsburg. New for 2018 is “Nimble Toes & Dancing Woes”. Visit Raleigh Tavern for a light-hearted and immersive dance class given by a charming colonial couple.

There are a variety of ways to experience the history and traditions of Colonial Williamsburg. From romantic carriage rides to an in-depth look at art exhibits, guests will surely make unforgettable memories and have stories to share when they leave. Find out why Colonial Williamsburg has received countless awards, including fourth on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Historic Destinations in the USA.”

Programs, schedules and admission information are subject to change. For more information on ticketing and events, visit or call 1-855-296-6627.