Taste of Williamsburg
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Taste of Williamsburg

Embark on a fun and savory walking tour that visits nearly ten eateries and restaurants in a single afternoon so you can try something special from each place. Come hungry, because this tour will have you sampling cheeses, beer, peanuts, spices, sugars and teas, gourmet macaroni and cheese, tapas, frozen yogurt, fudge, and more. You’ll see how fudge is made, and get to try it. You’ll taste some of the best Mac and Cheese on the planet. You’ll discover hidden facts about some of the restaurants, and get an introduction to downtown Williamsburg’s culinary scene! 24 hour notice needed, please call for questions and last minute bookings!

What is Taste of Williamsburg?

Taste of Williamsburg is a food tour, or culinary tour, that includes a diverse variety of cuisine from restaurants with a fun and engaging walking tour that includes history and key locations. We also hold special events to support local businesses, offer progressive dinners, and more. While Williamsburg is famous for its rich history, it is also home to delicious, award-winning restaurants offering a variety of culinary experiences. With so many options, it is often difficult to decide where to eat! Taste of Williamsburg makes your decision easier by offering multiple culinary tours that give you the opportunity to dine at several of the city’s finest restaurants and eateries in one afternoon.

What inspired Taste of Williamsburg?

Visitors would often ask the owner where they should eat, and what he thought of the restaurants. As a student, he was familiar with the small business restaurants near Colonial Williamsburg, but as a resident of New Town, he also loved the food that New Town had to offer. He thought, why not give our visitors the chance to try several different foods from most of the local favorites? After all, you can’t really get to know a place without experiencing it, you can’t experience a city without understanding its culture, and you certainly can’t understand its culture without savoring its food. After lots of hard work from our staff, Taste of Williamsburg launched in 2011. We looked for the best restaurants that are so confident in the quality of their food, that, as one restaurant owner remarked, “I don’t care about the price, because I know that all it takes for someone to return to my restaurant is a taste of our food.” Our restaurants are a mark of high quality, with passionate owners and management that care not only about their food, but also about their customers and the dining experience. The fact that they are affiliated with Taste of Williamsburg is a mark of quality. You know that you’re getting one of the best with a Taste of Williamsburg restaurant. We work closely with our restaurant partners and wish them success and prosperity in everything that they do. Both their friendly staff and delicious food are to be respected and admired. We hope that you enjoy our tours and walk away with more than a few good tastes, but that you depart with a happy stomach, new friends, and a lasting, wonderful experience. Both tourists and locals have enjoyed our Williamsburg food tours for more than four years. So if you’re coming in from out of town or live in Williamsburg, come see us. Taste of Williamsburg’s food tours are a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. We hope to see you for a memorable journey through Williamsburg’s culinary offerings, unique history and culture!

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope that you will have a taste of Williamsburg with us.