Kephi Greek Kitchen
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Kephi Greek Kitchen

Keφi brings a Greek culinary freshness into the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia.

"Keφi" meaning "passion" describes every team member of ours searching and selecting the best products ranging from local produce to herbs and spices picked from the Taygetos mountain range in Southern Greece.

Upon walking through our entrance, guest are encouraged to browse at our homemade sweets and breads. The geographic region of the Peloponnesus peninsula is rich with natural attributes that allows for the cultivation of the highest quality products. Packaged herbs and spices fill our shelves along with extra virgin Greek olive oil produced from our own olive groves near the village of Paleopanayia in Southern Greece. All available for purchase to take home.

Organic Melisaki Greek honey • Kephi Balsamic Dressing •Kephi Jumbo Green Olives • Jumbo Kalamata Olives •0.25 Liter Kephi Extra Virgin Olive Oil • 0.75 Liter Kephi Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Papadimitriou Select Dressings •Eolia Olive Oil Soap • Tayetos Herbs• Souroti Sparkling Mineral Water

The lounge at Keφi is a tribute to the great Greek philosophers of the past and was designed for our guest to enjoy fresh Mediterranean cocktails and delicious "meze" (small plates) while socializing with friends and family in a cozy community style setting.