Colonial Williamsburg Holiday Events and Activities

Colonial Williamsburg Holiday Events and Activities

Colonial Williamsburg Holiday Events and Activities 2019

Celebrate the Holiday Season at Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is an authentic living history museum that offers plenty to do for all ages and interests. The massive Historic Area is free to explore, but you can experience even more when you purchase a ticket to Colonial Williamsburg. The holiday season introduces new experiences to the museum’s lineup of activities and attractions. Experience everything Colonial Williamsburg has to offer during the holiday season.

Colonial Williamsburg Holiday Events and Activities

Here’s what you can experience at Colonial Williamsburg during the holiday season.

Colonial Williamsburg Special Events

Colonial Williamsburg has several special events during the holiday season.

Watch a recreation of the Firing of the Christmas Guns. During the 18th century, guns were fired in salute to the Christmas season.

Draw inspiration for your Christmas tree from The Art-Full Tree. Create your own holiday folk art ornament to take home.

A Christmas Remembered tells the Christmas memories of some of our nation’s builders and heroes.

A popular Christmas event at Colonial Williamsburg, Decorating the Private Homes gives visitors a look at how Colonial Williamsburg residents decorate their restored private residences. As you explore each home, learn decorating tips “the Williamsburg way.”

The holiday season was a popular time of year for weddings in the 18th century. Watch as the local shops are preparing outfits for a fashionable 18th-century bride in Dressing the Fashionable Bride: A Gown in Three Days.

In Midwinter Stories, Colonial Williamsburg’s Native American interpreters will tell stories of the fall and winter season.

Colonial Williamsburg Grand Illumination

On Sunday, Dec. 8, visit Colonial Williamsburg for a full day of special events culminating in a spectacular firework show during the Grand Illumination. Colonial Williamsburg celebrates its Grand Illumination throughout the museum’s historic area. Take part in an array of events and activities happening at Colonial Williamsburg to celebrate the Grand Illumination.

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Caroling at Colonial Williamsburg

Sing your way around Colonial Williamsburg with the museum’s historical interpreters. There are several opportunities for holiday caroling around the Historic Area, from the courthouse to Charlton’s Coffeehouse.

Celebrate Fishmastide with the Jug Broke Theatre Company, who will be singing of the magical beast that saved good souls who were lost at sea and brought them home to their families in Virginia on Christmas Day.

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