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Water Country USA, things to do at Water Country USA

15 Tips for Visiting Water Country USA

Before you plan your trip, here are some tips to keep in mind when you visit Water Country USA.

15 Tips for Visiting Water Country USA

When the summer sun scorches down on you, it’s time for a visit to Water Country USA in Williamsburg. Water Country USA is the mid-Atlantic’s largest water park and one of Williamsburg’s most popular summer time attractions. The water park has rides, slides and more for all ages, making it the perfect place to spend a day or two. Before you plan your trip, here are some tips to keep in mind when you visit Water Country USA.

  1. Purchase Your Ticket in Advance

You can save money when you purchase your ticket to Water Country USA online. Whether you choose a single- or multi-day visit, buying online provides a discount that you won’t receive when you buy at the gate.

  1. Add the Quick Queue® to Your Ticket Purchase

As you’re purchasing your tickets online, you’ll notice the option for add-ons. One of these add-ons includes the Quick Queue, a pass allowing riders to skip the lines for rides. These will certainly come in handy when you pass the long line of riders to move to the front. If you don’t purchase the Quick Queue online, you can also buy it once you arrive to the park.

  1. Arrive to the Park Early

Water Country USA opens at 10 a.m. To beat the mid-day heat and crowds, get to the park as soon as it opens. The parking gates open before 10 a.m. giving you plenty of time to find a great parking spot and ride the thrilling water rides before the park gets too crowded.

  1. Dress Appropriately

Water Country stresses the importance of appropriate swimwear. This is a family-friendly water park, so refrain from wearing revealing or provocative bathing suits. For safety reasons, cut-off jeans, denim shorts and swimwear with zippers, spikes and buttons are prohibited on any of the water slides or tube rides.

  1. Consider Wearing Water Shoes

Obviously, you’ll want to remember your bathing suit. You may also want to bring a pair of water shoes that won’t slip off as you race down water slides or brave the waves of the wave pool. You also won’t want to walk around the park barefoot all day since the concrete gets very hot. Waterproof shoes, including flip flops, will help protect your feet.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Towel

Towels are not provided by the park. So, if you want to dry off between rides or at the end of the day, you’ll want to remember to bring your own towel.

  1. Get a Locker

Water Country USA is a huge water park, and it is easy to lose track of your things. Avoid this problem by purchasing a locker. Lockers come in two sizes and can be used all day. Lockers are a safe and reliable way to keep track of your belongings, including car keys, wallets and other essentials.

  1. Bring Sunscreen with You

Of course, you’ll want to apply sunscreen before you arrive to the park, but be sure to bring it with you. Throughout the day, you’ll want to reapply sunscreen, especially coming off of the water rides and slides.

  1. When in Doubt, Grab a Life Vest

Water Country provides life vests in a variety of sizes for free. For most of the play areas, children may not need a life vest. However, Hubba Hubba Highway is a free-floating river that does not allow innertubes, so you may want to strap on a life vest if you or your child isn’t such a strong swimmer. Have some piece of mind when bringing your children to Water Country USA when they wear a life vest.

Water Country USA safety

  1. Ride the Most Popular Rides First

If you arrive early enough, you’ll have your pick of any of Water Country’s rides, slides and play areas. Start with the biggest and most popular rides first. These rides and slides, including the new Cutback Water Coaster, will have the longest lines as the day goes on. The play areas, wave pool and lazy river can accommodate more people, so there’s no rush for those.

  1. Take a Break at a Lounger or Cabana

Throughout Water Country and near rides, you’ll find benches and lounge chairs for relaxing. However, when the park is busy, this seating becomes limited. Water Country allows guests to reserve loungers and cabanas in private areas for some relaxation. These are a great way to take a break from all the exciting attractions.

  1. Bring Your Own Water Bottle

While you are not allowed to bring outside food and drink into the water park, you can bring an empty water bottle to refill. There are water fountains throughout the park, allowing you to fill your water bottle instead of buying one. You’ll want to stay hydrated, especially under the summer sun. Why not save some money while you do that?

  1. Get a Quick Pay Cashless Wristband

When it comes time to purchase food, souvenirs or anything else throughout the park, you’ll want to have quick access to your funds. You may have to purchase things on the fly and won’t have time to go get your wallet. The Quick Pay Cashless Wristband allows you to make purchases in the park without your wallet. Just set up a spending account with cash or a credit card, then you’ll be issued a waterproof wristband. You’ll essentially have your money on you as you ride and spend time in the park.

  1. Establish a Meeting Place

The water park is bustling with families and groups during the summer season, making it easy to get separated from who you came with. When you arrive, establish a meeting place. That way, if anyone in your group does get separated, you have a fixed place to get together and find each other. Also, take pictures of what you and your family are wearing so if you do get separated, you have a current photo to show security.

Water Country USA family tips

  1. Don’t Forget a Change of Clothes

At the end of your day of aqua fun at Water Country, you won’t want to get in the car in wet clothes. Pack a change of clothes to so you can either change in one of the park’s bathrooms or by the car before you leave.

Images supplied by Water Country USA