What's New in the Historic Triangle

American Revolution Museum Brings History to Life
This past year saw the Yorktown Victory Center getting a complete makeover and a new name to boot—the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. The new permanent exhibition galleries feature a more hands-on learning experience. Outside, the living-history Continental Army encampment and Revolution-era farm continue as part of the museum experience. The encampment and farm support the new gallery storylines and expand the area for visitor-participatory demonstrations. The Moss family, an 18th-century family of farmers, live just outside the encampment. Visit their farmhouse, complete with a kitchen, tobacco barn and a new building representing the quarters for enslaved people. Walk through the crop fields that would have grown during that time. To learn more about the American Revolution Museum, visit HistoryIsFun.org.

The Ghostographer Tour
Tour the sites of some of Colonial Williamsburg most haunted places, and capture photos of the ghosts that dwell there. This unique ghost tour is based on a 10,000+ photo-study of ghosts. Every stop on the tour features the best photos taken from ghostographer Tim Scullion’s book “Haunted Historic Colonial Williamsburg Virginia: with Breakthrough Ghost Photography.” Learn the background, and possibly the identities, of the phantoms in the photos. To learn more about the Ghostographer tour, visit Ghostographer.com.

Revolution Golf and Grille
Tee off on the pristine courses of Pebble Beach and Augusta National, without ever leaving the Peninsula. Revolution Golf and Grille features Virginia’s first indoor high-definition golf center with six golf simulators. Guests can play nine or 18 holes on digital courses from 26 world-class golf resorts. The simulators also offer mini-games, with the goal of hitting a moving golf cart or breaking a building’s window. Fore! To learn more about Revolution Golf and Grille, visit www.RevolutionGolfAndGrille.com.

Drink Williamsburg Tours
Imbibe on the Williamsburg Tasting Trail without having to worry about finding a designated driver. Drink Williamsburg Tours allow you to visit local breweries, distilleries and a meadery, for one low price year-round. Anyone from a single rider to a group of friends is sure to enjoy the social Drink Bus, making this tour a great way to meet new people who share a love of craft beverages. Two different drinking tours are available, so be sure to visit DrinkWilliamsburg.com to find the perfect experience for you and your friends.

InvadR Invades Busch Gardens
InvadR is coming to the New France area of Busch Gardens April 2017. This is the park’s first wooden roller coaster, but it’s no kiddie ride. Based on a story of Vikings invading a village, local trappers are forced to defend themselves. Top speeds will reach 48 mph, and InvadR will feature nine airtime hills as well as a 74-foot drop. This is a ride thrill seekers won’t want to miss!

Room Escape Williamsburg
The walls seem to be closing in—there’s no way out. You’re trapped. You frantically search for a way to escape. The clock is ticking as you search the room around you for anything that will help you get out. This isn’t a preview for a new movie; it’s an experience at Room Escape Williamsburg. At this new, exciting attraction, teams race against the clock, solving puzzles and unlocking codes to escape the room they’re trapped in or to complete the mission, using only logic, common sense and teamwork. Visit RoomEscapeWilliamsburg.com for more information.

Colonial Ghosts Cemetery Tour
The first and only cemetery tour has come to Williamsburg. But this 90-minute experience is more than just chills and thrills. These final resting places contain the history of Williamsburg from a very personal perspective. Learn how these dearly departed were tied to the culture, religion and community values of the region. Learn more by visiting www.ColonialGhosts.com.