Dining Out in Williamsburg

With so many amazing restaurants to choose from, you may have to plan your williamsburg getaway around the food

Williamsburg has always been THE place to eat in Virginia. The early colonists centered their social scene around local taverns. There locals and travelers would partake of a good ale and a deliciously prepared meal. This value has never changed in Williamsburg. Scrumptious cuisine is around every corner, and visitors to the area are impressed and excited by the amount of options that are available. Each eatery is open and welcoming, wishing to create a delightful dining experience. The question is never, “what should we eat?” It should be, “how many restaurants can we fit into one vacation?” There’s so much to choose from, you may wish there were more than three meals a day.

The day dawns, and your stomach starts to rumble. Finding an amazing breakfast is never a problem here. Pancake joints are almost as plentiful as historic landmarks in Williamsburg. One might even say that Williamsburg is the pancake capital of Virginia! But there’s so much more than our favorite flapjacks. Sizzling sausages and meats, decadent doughnuts, ostentatious omelets—breakfast menus offer something for even the pickiest tastes.

After shopping at the outlets or visiting an exciting attraction, your tummy tells you the time—it’s lunch! You’ll need to partake in some afternoon dining to keep your strength up for all the walking, touring and playing you’ll be doing in Williamsburg. The great thing about the area is that not only will you find your favorite chains, there are family and independently owned restaurants everywhere. Grab a burger at a good ole American eatery, or get a slice at one of the many pizza places. If the kids are really hungry, head to an all-you-can-eat buffet, where you’ll leave full and happy.

The sun begins to set, and your exciting day of adventure in Williamsburg is coming to a close. But don’t call it a day yet! It’s time for dinner, and boy does Williamsburg know how to do dinner. If its ethnic fare you’re craving, you are in luck! Williamsburg has everything from Italian and Mexican to Korean and French, and tons of choices in between. If you’re looking for a night out without the kiddos, the cobblestone streets, street lamps and terrace dining, give the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner for two! Area bars and taverns are opened late, so don’t just turn in early! Grab a pint or a delicious cocktail and pair it with some amazing eats.

Every good meal should end with a sweet morsel. Most area restaurants offer incredible dessert options, from bread pudding to New York cheesecake. There are also candy stores which offer delicious fudge, classic candy apples and old fashioned hard candies.

Williamsburg is an epicurean wonderland. If you’re of the adventurous sort, be sure to research ahead of time and plan your own dining tour. An appetizer here, sharing an entrée there, grabbing a scrumptious dessert—that way you won’t miss out on the many delectable offerings. If you don’t feel like doing the work yourself, then turn to Taste of Williamsburg. They offer a savory walking tour, stopping in at nearly ten eateries for a sampling of some of the area’s best bites. Learn more at www.TasteOfWilliamsburg.com.

—Rebekah Conley