Travel Itineraries

You’ve checked into your place of stay, and you’re out the door and on to the streets of the charming Historic Triangle. Around every corner of Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown lies somewhere new to discover for lunch, a fun activity to do with the family and even an eerie historic tour, with trusted guides of course. When you arrive to this vibrant area, it can be intimidating narrowing down your route. The Greater Williamsburg area is brimming with plenty of things to do whether you’re looking for your family’s next adventure, a foodie on the hunt for a sensational meal or interested in the evening scene.

Family Fun
Activities for families span far and wide! Test your skills at one of our go-kart tracks, in a round of mini-golf or behind the wheels of a bumper car. Nearby theme parks provide roller coasters, water activities and other thrills! Swing through the trees as you venture along treetop obstacle courses or zoom down a zip line. For an educational spin to your adventurous afternoon, head to Colonial Williamsburg where there are endless opportunities of hands-on activities to learn about what it was like in the Colonial era. Fire off a replica 18th-century musket, immerse yourself in our rich history by speaking with historical interpreters or visit one of our museums for a truly exciting day that appeals to all ages! Then when the kids just need get their bounces out, we have just the place complete with an inflatable playground for the kiddos to unwind.

Foodie Finds
You’re in luck because you’ve vacationed to a one-stop destination to tame your appetite. From pancakes to cocktails and pubs to fine dining, cuisine is anything but ordinary when you’re traversing the Triangle. We are home to an excellent French restaurant where you’ll be sure to find the best croissants and Sunday brunch in town. If you’re cuckoo for sweets or just need a mid-morning pick-me-up, waltz into one of our divine bakeries and treat yourself to every kind of confection from cupcakes and pies to pistachio bars and brownies. For lunch, stroll over to Merchants Square where you can indulge in a store dedicated to cheese, seafood and pizza and subs, as well as peruse menus with a regional focus. With the warmer weather, migrate to one of the many benches in the Square, and enjoy the gentle breeze with an ice cream cone in hand. Regardless of the time of day, you can’t visit Williamsburg and not eat your way through a stack of pancakes. With plenty of locations to choose from around the area, you can’t go wrong with pancakes here!

After Dark
When the sun goes down, Williamsburg is the place to be! What do you get when you combine solving crime with a mouthwatering four-course meal? It’s not a trick question. New to the area this May is The Mystery Dinner of Williamsburg, located at the Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center. Enjoy your dinner and participate in a five-act show as you guess what secrets the characters may be concealing. When you need a good laugh, our comedy club features locally and nationally recognized performance artists all set in a casual atmosphere. After the shows, head to one of our pubs or breweries to sample unique brews, some of which are crafted right here in the ‘Burg. Grab a pint and, depending on the day of the week, listen to live music performed by local artists. After you’ve mustered up the courage, take a haunted stroll through one of our famous ghost tours led by the best tour guides around. Choose from a family-friendly tour featuring fun folklore or a more bone-chilling experience where ghosts may even make an appearance! End your evening with a tour of the five newly illuminated historic buildings including the Capitol, Governor’s Palace, the Magazine, the Courthouse and the Public Hospital.