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Williamsburg Salt Spa

Tucked away, just a few miles from the heart of Williamsburg, you’ll find a beautiful spa that will deliver you a truly relaxing experience. The Williamsburg Salt Spa provides a unique set of services, as well as exceptional customer service from start to finish. Their entire philosophy begins and ends with salt, which contains minerals that are essential to life.

Salt Cave
The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine was the world's first underground health resort providing beneficial treatments for people who suffer from asthma, COPD, infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract, and allergies.

The Williamsburg Salt Spa used the Wieliczka model to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind salt cave. Created with over 15 tons of therapeutic salt imported from Poland and the Himalayas, the Salt Cave has a unique micro climate rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, bromine and iodine.

The Salt Cave is kept at approximately 75° F, with humidity between 40-50%. During your 45 minute therapeutic session, you will relax in comfortable zero gravity reclining chairs, listen to soothing music, and breathe air that is saturated with these beneficial minerals. 

Float Tanks

These massive pods are filled with eleven inches of water saturated with 900 POUNDS of Epsom salt! Imagine floating effortlessly, experiencing a completely relaxed state of being, free from the stresses of life, tension or pain.

During your session, you will be fully supported and will expend no physical energy to maintain your position in the water.

The pod can be closed to take advantage of the full experience, or it can be left open for your comfort. The water is kept at a constant temperature of 94.5 degrees, which feels warm at first, but soon becomes almost imperceptible. The line between the air and the water becomes blurred. The tank plays soft music and you can take advantage of different colored lights, or you’re able to turn off the music and lights and have more of a sensory deprivation experience. However you choose to customize your experience, a float session is truly unique and amazing. 

The Williamsburg Salt Spa also offers three types of massages in 60 or 90 minute durations. They have an exceptional group of massage therapists on staff, all of whom are able to deliver Swedish, Deep Tissue, or their signature Hot Salt Rock Massage. Each massage will also incorporate a warm salt pillow.

They have single and couple rooms available.

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, The Williamsburg Salt Spa also offers a special package where you can get a 45 minute Swedish massage in the salt cave. This package can be scheduled for one or two people and excludes weekends and holidays.

Infrared Sauna
In early 2018, The Williamsburg Salt Spa will be offering a new service.

Gift Shop
The Williamsburg Salt Spa is also home to a lovely gift shop. You can find unique items such as shaped salt lamps, bath salts, cooking blocks, Polish Teas, and jewelry made with Amber from the Baltic Sea.