James River Plantations

Historic Berkeley Plantation
Berkeley’s history begins in 1619 when settlers observed the first official Thanksgiving in America.  Berkeley is the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison V, signer of the Declaration of Independence and governor of Virginia. The estate is also the birthplace of William Henry Harrison, ninth United States president, and ancestral home of his grandson, Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third president. During the Civil War, Berkeley was occupied by General McClellan’s Union army.  While at Berkeley, General Daniel Butterfield composed the familiar tune “Taps”, first played by his bugler, O.W. Norton.  The original Georgian mansion, built in 1726 of brick fired on the plantation, occupies a beautifully landscaped hilltop site overlooking the historic James River.   The mansion is furnished with a magnificent collection of 18th century antiques, artifacts, and historical paintings. Explore five terraces of gardens, monuments, river shore, and exhibits. The gardens and lawn extend a full quarter–mile from the front door of the mansion to the river banks.  Conducted house tours with costumed guides, a museum, gift shop, special events, and children’s activities make visiting Berkeley an educational experience the entire family will enjoy.

A Virginia and National historic landmark, open daily, year-round. Route 5, Charles City • 12602 Harrison Landing Rd. Charles City, VA 23030. 888-466-6018 • www.berkeleyplantation.com 

Historic Plantations Available for Tours

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